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Why you can't rely on Motivation.

Motivation, is like a river, it moves with you, and adapts to what you are aiming for at each life stage, sometimes it is bursting its banks and overflowing , and other times it is so low it is barely able to sustain the ducks.

So many of us rely solely on motivation to stay with us until we achieve what it is we are aiming for, but the truth is sadly motivation is fickle and it isn't always going to be there.

When you start something new, maybe a job, fitness program, (a new years resolution!) etc. nothing is too much trouble:

- Maybe you bounced out of bed at 5am ready to work up a sweat before work,

- Perhaps you may have even spent hours cutting and preparing a meal all evening.

- Even driving to the other side of town to take part in a local crafts class

At a time when motivation is high, you are sailing through it all and it really is an empowering feeling.

But what happens when the 5am alarm goes off but its cold, and dark, and wet, and you don't want to leave your bed? Or when you can't face cooking and instead pop a ready meal in the oven, or you cannot be bothered to drive to the otherside of town!

It is here when you discover what you really need, more than motivation, is enjoyment.

If we change the above scenarios to include enjoyment:

- Bouncing out of bed at 5am to work up a sweat in your favorite class or personal trainer before you started work

-Perhaps you spent hours refining and creating an incredible meal because you love to cook.

- Or even you darted across town to your crafts class because you enjoy it

Reading those sentences above I cannot see why anyone would want to stop!

The moral of the story here is, you cannot rely on motivation to keep you going, if your heart isn't really in it! You are not a quitter, you just haven't found 'your thing' yet.

When you find something you enjoy and are passionate about, then you will never have to start over again

One of those amazing moment when I just smiled about everyting, just because! Taken at our Party for Parkinsons 2018


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