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Sorry Hun, but you won’t find any filtered ‘Instagram perfection’ here!

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

If you have come here to be wowed by divine and seemingly perfect health, fitness and lifestyle inspiration, sorry Hun but you won’t find any filtered ‘Instagram perfection’ here!

On the other hand If you have come in search for a real talking, real looking chica wanting to share her ideas, habits, inspirations, loves (including some food..what can I say!) and dance freestyle routines….then swipe right (or left….sorry Tinder virgin here) because sugar we have a match!

Little Me, on a good (filtered like crazy to look presentable) day

I have never given much thought to new year resolutions. I am a firm believer that if you feel you want to try something new or leave something behind etc. then do it. Why waste more time, as you may find yourself giving up before you have even started. But despite this, I find myself, on the 4th January writing my first blog! Maybe this is my version of a resolution.

I didn’t think or plan to do this, I woke up one day and it felt like a good idea! #ididactuallywakeuplikethis

So going along with the ‘New Year, New Me’ vibe that is currently happening. I’m going to just roll with it and in this no judgment zone I want to invite all newbies to join me and just hang out!

You can follow me on many platforms, (other than the actual platform I get off at Early station…that is too much) I am on Facebook: Nicky Johnson, Instagram: teamfitmiss_nickyj, and of course here on my blog!

You can join my classes (see website or contact me for more details) , or workout with me within your own home using my videos if you join our Facebook group - Team FitMiss with Nicky J.

I will be re filming all routines this year and posting them onto youtube for easy access for everyone.

So 2019, who knows what will be in store for us. But I am liking it, I mean 4 days in and I have 3 new routines coming your way and David Attenborough is still with us so it’s a good year so far!

#freestyle #newyear #love #life

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