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Mind The Gap!

A few days ago in the gym I found myself staring at this girl who had the most amazing figure, a figure I can only dream, of, a real bottom heavy hourglass. We were both training legs so i thought I would go over and talk to her just say how I think her legs are amazing and shes clearly killing it in the gym!

As I was putting the bar back she just finished her set so I went over to her and started chatting, I have to admit I don't tend to talk when I'm training I like to get in, get it done, and then go home but she was so lovely.

She couldn't believe someone was complimenting her least favorite body part

She said she hates her legs, always has, she started gym training to try to make them smaller. My jaw hit the floor!

I was so amazed that firstly how negatively she spoke about herself, if she was describing someone else it would be seen as ridiculously hurtful, but secondly how she point blank refused to budge on this.

She followed this with 'I just want smaller legs like you' Bearing in mind I'm trying to grow mine, I was offended in a humerus way! We then laughed about how no one ever seems to be happy in their skin anymore and continued with our workouts.

Today I spoke to a friend in the gym who has been doing so well and is so inspiring and she mentioned how she always hated her upper body, too big, too broad and again I had to pick my jaw up as her athletic upper body was to die for, strong so defined and yet another unhappy costumer.

Don't get me wrong I know everyone has certain things they dislike, me included, but it is so warped how we can see beauty in ever single person, apart from ourselves.

I bet the first thing you see on someone is usually something you wish you had, longer hair, perky boobs, golden glow whatever. But the first thing you see when you see yourself, mirror or photo is something you can pick and pick at until you crumble.

There is a serious Gap here.

We are not brought up to compare ourselves nor to look for flaws in ourselves, and yet every one of every generation has been taught to do this at some point in their lives. Where is this Gap? Where are we going wrong?

My goal is to start bridging this Gap, its time to heal the scabs and scars you have picked at. There is always someone who would love to have what you don't think you want. My challenge for me and everyone is to change the way we look in the mirror/ photo/video, race your subconscious, before it starts bringing up something you dislike, quickly search and pinpoint 3 things you do like. Maybe you look so happy, your killing the choreography and your eyes are full of laughter!


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